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[MommysBoy] Sophia West (Milking Every Second / 08.02.2023)

Sophia West and her stepson, Oliver Davis, are waving goodbye to Sophia’s husband, who’s off to a sports game. The minute he’s out of sight, however, Sophia and Oliver exchange a wicked grin. It’s soon revealed that Sophia and Oliver have been waiting desperately for some alone time so that they can finally have sex with each other again. Ever since Sophia’s husband started working from home, they’ve had to keep their desires at bay. But now that he’s finally gone, they’re going to milk every second of this moment! They go to Sophia’s bedroom and tear their clothes off in a heated passion. Before long, Oliver sticks his hard cock inside his stepmom’s wet pussy, and she starts moaning with pleasure. But just then, they get a call from Sophia’s husband! What does HE want? Not daring to arouse any suspicion, Sophia answers the call and talks to her husband while Oliver keeps fucking her, trying her best not to let her dearly beloved catch on to what’s going on in his own bed while he’s away. Luckily for them, Sophia manages to end the call without much of a hiccup. Sophia and Oliver pick up where they left off, glad to be able to give each other their full attention once more. They better make the most of it, because Sophia’s husband will be back sooner or later, so it’s important to make the moment last. And what better way to milk the moment than with a creampie!








Date: August 2, 2023